Main success factors

"Silur Plast" LLC №1 in Ukraine on conducting geological-technological and geophysical studies carries out the service independently without the involvement of contractors

11 years of experience

"Silur Plast" LLC in the market since 2008. During this period we provided service for more than 120 wells without accidents in 11 oil and gas fields. "Silur Plast LLC" is a leader in the services of GTI among private companies.

Technology and Innovation

The "Silur Plast" LLC has 5 GTV stations, 2 unique patents and Well Data Pro® licensing software system. It allows you to create an online data collection and interpretation system and monitor the drilling process, as well as manage wells from the customer's office.

Collective of professionals

The team of professionals of "Silur Plast" LLC consists of 45 people: geologists, geophysicists of the field service, control and interpretation service, management apparatus. All employees have qualification certificates of conformity and have undergone basic training on methods Chekalina L.M. and Lukyanova E.

Service 24/7/365

"Silur Plast" LLC provides unique customer service. Thanks to a large set of tools and sensors, laboratory and analytical systems, innovative technologies for interpretation and data transmission, software, we provide information to our clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Customers and partners

Our customers are such prominent companies as DTEK Ltd., Geoalliance Ltd., PBK, SEBK, PNGC, USBK-1, Gazkontinental, LLC, Ukrbizas LLC, LLC NVP PT Zond, PJSC Technoresurs, LLC "NPP Burov Technics", "Energofinans" Ltd., "Cadogan Petroleum plc". We actively offer our services to all companies of the oil and gas complex of Ukraine.

Uniqueness - Well Data Pro

"Silur Plast" LLC owns a unique patented software and equipment complex that allows you to receive online reports from the drilling site
anywhere in the world Well Data Pro

ТОВ «Силур Пласт» – national service company,
providing services in geological, technological and geochemical research.
Ми надаємо сервісні послуги сучасного рівня вже 13 років.
Our strengths:
  • A team of professionals with 11 years of experience;
  • A fleet of modern equipment that meets international and national standards and has a certificate of conformity *;
  • Власна науково-технічна лабораторія для розробки методик, обладнання та програмного забезпечення**; 
  • Ліцензована та сертифікована система збору та передачі даних з бурового майданчика 

Our stations of geological, technological and geochemical researches during the operational control of drilling processes provide the solution of the full range of technological, geological, geochemical, economic, informational, ecological and technological and scientific research problems.

*No SSGP 01.1.1-149: EAGO ST 051-01 “Geophysical apparatus and equipment. Computerized geological and technological research stations. Parameters, characteristics, requirements. Control and test methods ”and DSTU 41-44-2003“ Industry standard. Geological and technological researches. The order of conduct ”.

*Науково-технологічна лабораторія  та база устаткування, ліцензованого програмного забезпечення дозволяє адаптувати технологію виконання робіт до вимог кожного Замовника та гармонійно спроектувати роботу на свердловині в єдиний інформаційно-технологічний ланцюг.


Silur Plast Ltd. has all the necessary technical capabilities to service the following types of facilities:

  • search, reconnaissance and operational oil and gas wells;
  • sloping wells and wells with horizontal sections using the structural navigation of the barrel with a chromatograph;
  • high-temperature wells;
  • Wells with abnormally high and abnormally low reservoir and pore pressure;
  • deep exploration wells (up to 10 000 m) with complicated mining-geological conditions of wiring and high-cracking collectors;
  • gas and oil wells on the sea shelf.

You can find out about the specifications of our equipment at section Hardware.

You can find out more about our plans for the future, strategic goals and corporate values by visiting Mission and Corporate Values.

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