Air preparation block, BPV-1

Блок подготовки воздуха БПВ-1


The block of preparation of air, BPV-1, is intended for providing gas chromatographs with the compressed air purified from dust, vapors of water and other impurity.

The principle of action is based on compression of air in a receiver to set pressure and automatic maintenance of operating pressure in the leaving highway of the compressor.

The block of preparation of air contains the piston oil-free compressor and the system of purification of air.

The compressor has:

  • the compression camera with the piston which is set in motion from the single-phase electric motor
  • receiver
  • the mechanical pressure switch with the safety valve
  • adjustable output reducer and manometers for pressure monitoring of air in a receiver and at the exit after a reducer

The piston camera and the drive are located in the case absorbing noise. The leaving trunk of the compressor has the automatic shut-off valve opening at connection of the union to it with a tube for supply of compressed air from a receiver.


Technical characteristics of the block of preparation of air, BPV-1

Наибольшее рабочее давление в ресивере на выходе, МПа 0,8
Номинальный расход воздуха, л/мин 105
Уровень шума дБ, не больше 57
Степень  пылевлагозащиты IP23
Объём ресивера, л 6
Мощность электродвигателя, кВт 0,75
Напряжение питания, В 220
Габаритные размеры (длина х ширина х высота), мм 600 х 270 х 990
Вес, кг 29,5


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