Engineering service "Silur Plast" LLC

plans and implements well construction projects


     WITHhalfworkers engineering services compile projects and carry out all necessary technological and economic calculations for projects of exploration, construction, intensification of mining wells.

     When calculating the project, the staff members provide the necessary data list of works, equipment and materials, required staffing.

     Also, the project includes the calculation of the necessary time and technological intervals for all stages of work on the drilling site.

     Together with Department of Geological and Technological Research "Silur Plast" LLC, The engineering service plans the required amount of geological, geochemical, technological and other research in the construction of the well, the time of their implementation, stages and control points.

     With a wide range of business partners and customers, "Silur Plast" LLC carries out consulting of companies for procurement of necessary equipment and materials from proven suppliers.


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