The structure of the company "Silur Plast"

LLC "Silur Plast" is a leader in innovations and high technologies in drilling service.

The company's staff has about 45 employees, and is steadily increasing.

We have a powerful production base from 7 stations of GTE and 2 stations of drilling fluids, processing and interpretation services.

"Silur Plast" LLC improves existing technology and develops new ones.

Engineers and programmers of the Department of Technical Support and Development of Equipment are engaged in the development and implementation of the latest technologies in geological and technological research, monitoring and data transmission.

We pay special attention to the development of staff, as most employees are "in the field" and are the face of the company in the eyes of the customer. The company is undergoing a continuous process of practical launch of both young employees and employees with experience, raising the level of professionalism, knowledge and skills of various profiles, which makes employees specialists in different directions: geological, geochemical, geophysical research.

In order to optimize the management and communication processes with the GTE field stations, the company has a clear structure and management hierarchy.

An important role in the operational management of field stations GTD is played by the dispatch service, thanks to which information from the stations quickly gets into the office and decisions are made instantly.

We pay special attention to the safety of staff safety and the provision of their special equipment and equipment, which reduces the risk of occupational injuries.     

Read more about services LLC "Silur Plast" can be found here.

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